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Residential Applications:

Sloped Rooftop

The problems with "Sloped Roof-Top" solar

While most homeowners would benefit by adding residential solar energy, the traditional installation method of placing panels on their sloped, aspalt-shingled roof  may not work for a number of reasons:


1.      Roof condition:  With a pitched asphalt-shingled roof installation, the roof must be in “like-new condition” to last 20-25 years (the typical lifespan of the solar panels). This may mean an additional costly expense to replace the roof before it may be needed.

2.      Length of stay: While installing a solar system is likely to improve the value of most properties, the investment may not make sense unless the homeowner plans to stay in the home for 10-15 years.

3.      Architecture and neighborhood considerations: The charm and character of older homes and neighborhoods will certainly be altered by the addition of a rooftop array, and this could negatively impact the intrinsic value of the property. Also, rooftop arrays are not possible for locations with historic value or architecture preservation programs.

4.      Location: The surrounding landscape and foliage may negatively impact the site to the point where rooftop solar in not practical or feasible.

For these situations, Anar Solar’s “Home Solar Garden” is the perfect solution.

Residential Solar

Introducing the "Home Solar Garden"

Because the Anar Solar system is detached from the house, the aesthetics of the home and the neighborhood are not changed, and the condition of the pitched roof doesn’t matter. With our detached approach, the system can be positioned and tuned for optimal efficiency.

Residential Solar

Our racking and ballast system uses no heavy equipment that can cause damage to your lawn or backyard, and the space required is about the same as a rectangular swimming pool. It’s easy to assemble which means that it’s easy to maintain over the life of the system.

Lastly, our detached ground-based system is also portable so that if you ever relocate to a new home, you can take your Home Solar Garden with you!!

More Information:

The Home Solar Garden distributes its weight evenly across the entire surface area, which means it can be located in previously-unusable areas like septic fields. A typical 20 panel array of 5000 watts or less can be installed in about one day. Leave for work in the morning and return home to a complete solar system at your home – it’s as simple as that! Our system was designed to be non-invasive so that it’s easy on the environment and the surrounding landscape. We appreciate the effort that homeowners put into maintaining their homes and yards, and our detached Home Solar Garden solution means no mess, no holes, and no lengthy construction process.

Residential Applications: Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Innovative design: No trenching or site grading needed
  Detached system: No need to replace the sloped roof
  Distributes weight evenly (Low PSF)
  Visually Appeal: Aesthetically pleasing straight and tidy rows
Efficient and cost-effective: Emphasizes simplicity
  Expedited project completion
  Low-impact to site area
  Streamlined assembly
  Simple long-term maintenance
  Easily repositioned & tuneable within a range
of 18-28°  for optimal efficiency
  Low overhead and labor costs translates
to significant costs savings
Easily assembled: Minimized nuts and bolts
  Extremely user-friendly and easy to
maintain over the life of the system
  Reduced need for skilled labor
  Reduced on-site labor
  No specialized equipment required
Adaptable: Adaptable to the terrain's existing elevation and
contour variations, flat or sloped
  Residential “Solar Gardens”
  Can be positioned on septic fields
  Distributes weight evenly (Low PSF)
  Portability. The system can be moved to new locations
  Custom colors available
Eco-friendly and low-impact: Minimizes use of heavy equipment and fossil fuels
  Sustainable construction practices
  Landscape-friendly design
  Protects grounds & the environment
  Non-Invasive. No trenching/diggingr required
  Conscious of natural habitats


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