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Anar Solar’s unique, solar solutions involve three separate, patent-pending components:

Anar Solar Rack

The Racking System:

Our patent-pending racking system holds the solar modules (panels) to form an array.The array is supported by interconnected corrugated tubes (the Ballast System) using a patent-pending clamping mechanism. Each array attaches to the clamps that encase the ballast system, and includes height and tilt adjusting mechanisms that allow it to be positioned and “tuned” to optimize its power generating efficiency. Our design minimizes the use of nuts, bolts or unnecessary fasteners, which means they can be assembled in minutes – not hours. This approach is extremely user-friendly and simple to maintain for the long-term since no specialized equipment is needed.

Anar Solar Ballast

The Ballast System:

The ballast tubes support the arrays and act as conduit through which all cabling is run, thereby eliminating the need for trenching.  The clamps that encase the ballast tubes provide support for the array. The ballast tubes are filled with an eco-friendly slurry which anchors them to the surface with approximately 8 tons of weight per rack. This patent-pending approach requires minimal or no site preparation  and can be configured to match existing elevations and contour variations using either “north-south” or “east-west” configurations, making it an ideal solution for municipal landfills. It also distributes the weight of the system evenly, which makes it suitable for detached residential “solar gardens,” flat commercial rooftops, and septic system locations.  

Anar Solar Installation

The Installation System:

Our patent-pending installation system is completely streamlined. The rapid, in-field assembly assembly of our racking system and the non-invasive, low-impact approach of our ballast system plus our unique in-field delivery and installation system means that Anar Solar can install a municipal side-slope landfill site or solar farm in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional array system  - all while yielding lower costs and better long-term results.

To summarize:

Clean and simple engineering combined with the limited use of heavy equipment  makes the Anar Solar approach the least labor-intensive and most efficient PV field installation on the market today.

More Efficient More Economical More Eco-Friendly