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Anar Solar designs, manufactures, and installs residential and commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, and specializes in municipal landfill installations. Our industry-leading approach uses a unique, patent-pending racking, ballast, and installation system to deliver the most efficient, economical, and eco-friendly process in the industry.

Efficient SolarMunicipal Solar


Anar Solar’s patent-pending racking and ballasted system can be installed on virtually any terrain and in any climate in a fraction of the time it takes for traditional PV systems. Our racking systems can be positioned and “tuned” to ensure optimal energy production and efficiency. Our simple yet effective design can be assembled and installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install conventional array systems, and is easy to maintain over the long-term life of the system. Lastly, our approach distributes the weight of the system evenly across the surface, making it the preferred solution for commercial rooftops and municipal landfills.


Economical SolarCommercial Solar

 Anar Solar’s patent-pending approach reduces the need for heavy machinery and specialized equipment. In addition, our streamlined assembly and installation process reduces the size of the on-site installation crew. As a result, our lower labor and operating expenses save our customers and partners many thousands of dollars as compared to traditional PV installations. And through these real, significant savings, Anar Solar helps make solar power more accessible and attainable than ever before.


Eco-Friendly SolarResidential Solar

Anar Solar’s patent-pending, noninvasive approach adheres to sustainable practices by eliminating the traditional earth trenching and digging needed to prepare each site. Because no heavy machinery or specialized equipment is used during construction and assembly, we minimize the use of fossil fuels and any impact to the environment. In addition, only a special, eco-friendly materials is used in the ballast products.


Market Solutions

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Product & Process

Anar Solar's unique approach used three patent-pending components.

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