The Advantages of Anar Solar

Low Environmental Impact

No digging. No trenching. The limited use of heavy equipment limits the use of fossil fuels during construction and assembly. Eco-friendly materials are used in all ballast in-fill products.


Completely streamlined, the system does not use any nuts, bolts or unnecessary fasteners. Clevis pins are used instead. The design is extremely user-friendly and no specialized equipment or training is needed for assembly.

Rapid Installation

The Anar Solar system can be installed in a fraction of the time it currently takes traditional array systems. Clean and simple engineering, and limited equipment makes Anar Solar the least labor intensive and most efficient PV field installation.


The system is specifically designed for landfill installations, but is also suitable for residential and commercial septic fields, as well as rooftops. The ballast design can configure to existing elevation and contour variations, making it possible to install on any terrain or location.


Our racking system is fully adjustable, and can be repositioned within a range of 18-28°. This allows solar panels to capture sunlight with maximum efficiency.

Visually Appealing

Aesthetically, the Anar Solar system is easy on the eyes. Straight and tidy rows, plus color customization, create an attractive visual effect.